December 10, 2018

About Us

We are a passionate team of people driven to excel and create real value for our clients. Our mission is to help our customers rethink how they run their business and improve performance. We focus on Sales, Customer Service, Logistics, Digital Marketing, and Custom Software Development. In today’s competitive world organizations are under constant pressure to enhance productivity and drive growth initiatives. We design, execute or assist companies with innovative and cost effective solutions. Our capabilities vary from creating engaging and successful digital experiences to outsourcing entire operations to manage your company. We pride ourselves on very personal and long-term oriented relationship development. We  provide inbound and outbound customer care, sales support, logistics services and exceptional digital marketing strategies . 13BIK supports multi- channel architecture including voice, live chat, e-mail, web- forms, social for a few e-brands, covering sectors that include retail, e-commerce, telecommunications etc.